Unlearning and Innovation

The Steep Unlearning Curve” might have been my favorite article I have read this entire semester. I feel that I have already unlearned a lot as a teacher and as a learner. To look outside the box and view things from many angles to show it or learn from it. I agree with Richardson’s ten ideas about what needs to be unlearned. Especially the idea “We need to unlearn the idea that every student needs to learn the same content when really what they need to learn is how to self-direct their own learning.” If when in school I could have learned what I wanted to learn about, especially in college, instead of taking pointless generals and electives that I didn’t give two hoots about, I would have been a much more successful student. And that is evident in my grades. I love history, and almost all my history classes I received an A or B. I hate math, barely got a D, hate English, it has taken me many attempts to pass comp two, enjoyed communications, got A’s in those classes as well. We need to quit forcing requirements on students and let them learn what they want to be the most successful person they can be without wasting their time. I agree one hundred percent we need to unlearn the idea of what school is and start from a new perspective, or perspectives.

As far as being an innovative learner I felt it looped back to being a “hacker”. You are trying to make the education system better and I love it. We as teachers must constantly adapt, and change, to a new generation of learners to get information across. It is so vital that more people understand this! Use new tools and technologies, try new teaching techniques! Couros nailed it on the head in “The Mindset of an Innovater” when he said “I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask “what is best for learners”.  With this empathetic approach, I will create and design learning experiences with that question as a starting point.” To many teachers now a days are just throwing recycled garbage from previous years at students and it is pointless. Adapt, what is new in your field, what can you use to get your point across to new students? What worked and what didn’t? I plan on being the most innovative learner I can be as a teacher and I hope it passes down to my students.

30 Day Create Challenge Part 3 (21-30

TDC147 A Photo of stone, water, and clouds


TDC350 A photo of one thing not like the other two


TDC1192 Signs spring is here, straw cowboy hats!


TDC1171 Draw batman in 15 seconds


TDC225 Narrate a normal event as an emergency

TDC423 A video of bubbles

TDC1084 Hunt aliens bravely

TDC957 A guided tour of my closet

TDC1156 Marshmallow Sculpture

30 Day Create Challenge Part 2 (11-20)

TDC356 A photo that represents the end, termination

TDC410 A photo of my fondest memory, my first college rodeo!

TDC470 A Photo of a wide range of colors

TDC1113  A Word Painting

TDC869 An image of something that would not be without my mom, this awesome family!

TDC507 A picture of repeating patterns
TDC patterns

TDC1001 I Feel Like A…
I feel like TDC

TDC1158 Your Favorite moment in the past week. Getting cleared for graduation!


A Poem about Strangers

He set pop the down
She said that’s one ninety nine
He paid and said thanks

Tdc 1176

I said “What’s R816?”, to on older man with a mustache and all denim clothes on. He said “A young bull I just bought I asked “What side he would be out of?” to which he replied “Left, but I’m not sure what he will do”. I said “thanks” and went to find him.

30 Day Create Challenge Part 1 (1-10)

TDC418, what do Pandas think about?

TDC1142, What 5 things bring me joy?

TDC1079, What’s in your fridge?

TDC339, “A duck walks into a bar…” Finish this joke.


TDC1167 A poem about rain

TDC114, I had a friend send me 5 emojis and I wrote her a short story.


TDC1170, Breakfast Selfie


TDC1165, Junk Mail Art

TDC1163, A Dream Stair Case

TDC1120, Drawing without lifting your pencil

What I’ve learned about myself

I had the luxury of getting to do two Independent learning projects this semester. Both had their ups and downs challenging me but I am glad that I did them and will continue to work on them.

My first Independent Learning Project was my leatherwork, and getting better at flower tooling. I found this one hard to motivate myself to do because I was always busy doing work for customers, that I didn’t want to do it for a class as well. But I just kept telling myself my payment was my grade and I got some progress made. The most beneficial part was the motivation to buy newer, better tools, and getting involved in blogs and forums about leather work. This opened some many doors and I have learned a lot.

practice bull

My second Independent Learning Project was rodeo. This is my senior year and I really wanted to make it to the College Nation Finals. At the start of the semester I was in the running to go but ultimately fell short. But I learned a lot about myself as a rider and how to handle my emotions and strengthen myself mentally. I started the season fresh out of a knee surgery and it was hard to dedicate myself to all the physical therapy. It hurt at times and made me wonder if I wanted to keep rodeoing. I got on some bulls that flat bucked me off and made me come to the terms that I can’t ride everything and always have room to improve. I rode some bulls that really tested me and built my confidence. And I got bucked off some bulls I know I should have rode but had to humble myself and remind myself we all make mistake. I learned how to block negative thoughts, people, and those mistakes out and not let them effect my future bull rides.

While I did not make finals I am excited to see how my new positive mindset will forward me in rodeo as I continue this summer and the next few years. I have big goals but plan to achieve them and become a great.



I used the ComicBook! App suggested in the blog. It was fun to work worth but a little bit of a challenge. I choose to edit a picture that I took of all my gear at practice, since riding has become my new Independent Learning Project these last 8 weeks. I had fun messing around with all the filters and effects that I could apply to the photo, but after trying many before this I realized it takes a nice high quality photo to get good results from the filters. I was having a hard time figure out how to work in a speech or though box but I’m sure with a little time I could better understand it. I don’t think I would personally use this in a classroom. Maybe to edit a history photo for a good laugh but I don’t how I would get any value from using it. I’m sure other teachers could though, just doesn’t fit my style.

Podcasts and Digital Story Telling

Podcasts and digital stories were a very foreign thing to me until this week. I had heard of them, but never seen them. But at the end of this lesson I can’t help but think these are great ideas and I wish I had been introduced to them sooner.

I really enjoy the podcasts and think they should be utilized more in schools. What student doesn’t enjoy a good video during class? It’s something new that grabs their attention. Podcasts have endless uses and sources to cover just about any subject you could think of. In today’s day and age it is very easy to access and share a slew of podcasts. Plus podcasts are always updating and loading new material keeping you and your students in the loop.

Digital storytelling in the classroom is also something that I was foreign to but liked. It is just another tool to keep students engaged and active in the classroom. It is also a good way to get students to use and adapt to technology. You can customize this as well to fit any scenario or meet any class criteria, working in any classroom.

I think both of these ideas would work well in a classroom because it is new, interesting, and attention grabbing. The current generation of students is obsessed with technology, might as well let them use it to your advantage! I have already started looking for podcasts to bookmark to use in future classes and look forward to trying these!