30 Day Create Challenge Part 2 (11-20)

TDC356 A photo that represents the end, termination

TDC410 A photo of my fondest memory, my first college rodeo!

TDC470 A Photo of a wide range of colors

TDC1113  A Word Painting

TDC869 An image of something that would not be without my mom, this awesome family!

TDC507 A picture of repeating patterns
TDC patterns

TDC1001 I Feel Like A…
I feel like TDC

TDC1158 Your Favorite moment in the past week. Getting cleared for graduation!


A Poem about Strangers

He set pop the down
She said that’s one ninety nine
He paid and said thanks

Tdc 1176

I said “What’s R816?”, to on older man with a mustache and all denim clothes on. He said “A young bull I just bought I asked “What side he would be out of?” to which he replied “Left, but I’m not sure what he will do”. I said “thanks” and went to find him.


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