Podcasts and Digital Story Telling

Podcasts and digital stories were a very foreign thing to me until this week. I had heard of them, but never seen them. But at the end of this lesson I can’t help but think these are great ideas and I wish I had been introduced to them sooner.

I really enjoy the podcasts and think they should be utilized more in schools. What student doesn’t enjoy a good video during class? It’s something new that grabs their attention. Podcasts have endless uses and sources to cover just about any subject you could think of. In today’s day and age it is very easy to access and share a slew of podcasts. Plus podcasts are always updating and loading new material keeping you and your students in the loop.

Digital storytelling in the classroom is also something that I was foreign to but liked. It is just another tool to keep students engaged and active in the classroom. It is also a good way to get students to use and adapt to technology. You can customize this as well to fit any scenario or meet any class criteria, working in any classroom.

I think both of these ideas would work well in a classroom because it is new, interesting, and attention grabbing. The current generation of students is obsessed with technology, might as well let them use it to your advantage! I have already started looking for podcasts to bookmark to use in future classes and look forward to trying these!


One thought on “Podcasts and Digital Story Telling

  1. Definitely agree. I don’t really know what else to say, because frankly, I plan on using it even in my college classroom when I get one. Welcome To Nightvale for instance, has several references to the infamous H.P. Lovecraft. Podcasts are also great to listen to when doing other things. If your students like riding their bikes or walking, they can plug in their head phones and do other things while they listen! It’s pretty cool.


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