Is the Internet a resource or a interference

After viewing Paul Miller’s TED Talk I had to take a step back and think about my internet usage. Was I using it to much? Was I abusing this power source? Or was I in the clear?

Being a 90’s baby I got to explore the glories age if dial up. I remember when it took 20min to buffer a 5min YouTube video. I also remember that we had one desktop computer in the living room. I did not get my first phone or make a Facebook account until my senior year of high school, my own laptop my freshmen year of college and did not get my first smartphone until my junior year of college. So growing up I was pretty distant from internet. But this past year and a half I have noticed I have pretty well become attached to the internet.

I made a twitter and Instagram, allowing me to complete the 3 social media cycle all day on my phone, constantly refreshing my feeds. While at first it was nice to become involved in the digital world and see what my friends are posting I soon became a zombie and hardly remember anything I read or saw, handing out random likes and the occasional LOL.

In class during the day I spend most of my time distracted from class constantly multitasking between typing notes off of slides and scrolling 9gag, a website full of comical memes and humor, I waste a lot of time on this humor. I have been making an attempt to focus more in class but it is so tempting when it is a click away. But I do not waste ALL my time on the internet.

Thanks to the internet I have been able to share and look at ideas for my leather work as well as market it. I am able to post pictures of my work and advertise reaching new costumers I would have normally ever had. I also enjoy being able to pay bills and order goods online, saving my countless trips to town and allowing me to buy foreign products I could not normally get.

I think I need to begin to better balance my time on the internet in class and continue to use it to expand my work, but still be able to step away when needed and become attached to society again.


2 thoughts on “Is the Internet a resource or a interference

  1. Your post highlights the benefits of living online as well as the challenges when we might find ourselves spending too much time online and not feeling deep benefits from it. I know that I have a tendency to do these email or Twitter checks as mental breaks or refreshers, and sometimes I spend more time “refreshing” than I do actually producing work.

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