Digital Activism

I learned a lot after reading all the digital activism articles. I really had no idea what Digital Activism was or anything about it, but “The 6 Activist functions of technology” was a very helpful read for me to get started. I learned how people were using the internet to aid their activism. I then went on to the other articles and learned more about how today’s teens are using it effectively to fight key issues they face.

Maybe it is just because I am from the Midwest, or I have the wrong friend circle, but I rarely see people actively engaging in digital activism on my Facebook or twitter feed. The only thing I can honestly think of is anti-suicide campaigns that come across every few years. But when reading the articles I was able to see how teens are effectively spreading their word and cause via Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. Each like and sharing making it bigger and stronger. Slowly but surely gaining more followers.

With social media and the internet teens are able to stay up to date almost instantly about issues and they stay on top of issues that concern them, like bullying and depression. I think another great thing about digital activism is it can give people a voice that may be shy. Some activists can be keyboard warriors, in a good way. They can express concerns through a screen they would be too scared to say in front of a crowd.


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