Feeding My Feed

I could not get “How to Cultivate your Personal Learning Network” to load so I could read but I have a few good ideas on how to clean up and expand my personal learning network. First off I did do a large spam follow to a point and am no regretting it. I followed some pretty useless accounts that either tweet things I have no interest in, retweet other accounts I already follow, or don’t even tweet. I need to pay attention to what accounts these are and unfollow them as they are doing nothing for me. One nifty tool with twitter is it alerts me when so many of my followers, follow the same account. So if a new account is made or discovered that would be beneficial to me, it isn’t that hard to find!

I was surprised at how many accounts followed me back and new accounts followed me after I reached 100 followers. I actually have people to “inform and educate”. I want to be able to relay any cool facts, tricks, news, etc to my followers and keep them in the loop as well. I also want to someday get good enough at leather tooling to start my own page and gain followers that admire my work and want to learn.

The only real challenge I see with continuing to feed my personal learning network is that most of the great leather toolers are very old, and probably don’t even know what twitter is. I’m learning from my generation, which isn’t bad, but I’m sure those old boys know some tricks and tips to help me.


2 thoughts on “Feeding My Feed

  1. Great post, I had a similar experience when I expanded my PLN. I was amazed to see how fast my followers list grew when I started following more people/businesses. THanks for sharing your experience.


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