A finished piece

Well this week I finally got to sit done and flower tool something from start to finish. I also got to try some new leather dyes. My new tools are great and helped a ton; I love them. I settled on pattern I’ve been sketching on the past couple weeks and I think it turned out pretty good. I’ll try to explain the process I went through to make this.

I first put the drawing of my design on the damp leather, then traced over it with a pen to leave a small depression of all the lines on the leather. I use a pen because it is harder and also I can see what parts I haven’t traced. I then go back and re trace all the lines with a swivel knife to cut them into the leather. After that I go back through and bevel all the lines, this gives the raised or lowered impression and makes my flowers or vines “standout” from the leather. After that it is a time consuming task of using veins, thumbprints, and camo tools to add the details to the flower pedals and leaves. The final step is to use a back grounding tool to flatten any leather that is “Behind” the flower tooling, to make it stand out even more. After this I tried some new oil dyes. Before I have always used gel dyes that stain the leather one color, then gone back through with paint to add color or darken areas. But with these new oil dyes I can stain different areas different colors. It was tough to figure out though because when the brush touches the leather the oil dye “bleeds” out into the leather so it will take some practice to get precise with my dyes.


Overall I’m happy with this piece and it got my confidence built and makes me want to work at this even more. It still isn’t great but I’m getting there! Already have projects in my mind for next week!


5 thoughts on “A finished piece

  1. I think it is so cool to see someone do that. I don’t know if I could do that, I am not very artistic. I think that you could do so much with what you are doing, and learning. This is so great. I have a friend who does this too. He made me a really cool wallet a couple years back. Keep doing your thing, and it might take you far in life!


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