Expanding my Personal Learning Network

I learned that Personal Learning Networks are far more complex than I thought but after spending some time on Google it was actually really easy to expand mine and follow people, company, and pages with the same interests as me. At first I found just popular leather craftsman, and followed them mainly to look at their photos and admire their work. But I soon found pages of companies that posted tips, videos, and tutorials on tooling things. On top of that I found some business to follow that posted sales and new products, which I ended up buying but I will talk on that more in my next blog.

To expand my Personal Learning Network I simply googled leather work and found some Facebook pages of craftsmen that had links to their twitter accounts. After following a few of them, more and more popped up on my suggest follow and it was easy from there! A few businesses also came up on suggested follow so I clicked that little button just because. I also found a few leather craftsmen that had blogs, also containing instructional videos with tips and ideas to help me with my flower tooling.

As well as following some leather craftsmen and companies I also went ahead and followed some rodeo accounts. I had no idea how many organizations and bull riders that I looked up too had a twitter! It was great to be able to keep up to date with what is going on in the PRCA and PBR as well as some smaller organizations. They had live up to date tweets on rodeos in process as far as scores times etc. which is nice for me because I do not have TV and usually get updated on Facebook the next few days or in magazines. It was also fun to follow some professional bull riders and read what they had tweeted. It showed me that even though they are my idols they are just people too. I found it comical to read them complaining about how a flight was laid over and they had to sit in a terminal for six hours or tweet their favorite song lyrics.

Overall I’m glad I expanded my personal learning network and look forward to expanding it even more in the future and reaping the full benefits that I can receive from Twitter as well as blogs.


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