Passion and Inspiration

After cruising the website for a while I came across the articles /code by Maurice Elias and by Betty Ray. I settled on these articles because they pertain to teaching and motivation of students. As I have mentioned in previous blogs I am big on motivation, I aspire to bring the best out in people and help them achieve their best; student or otherwise.

The first article “Finding Students” talks about students having their talents hidden because they are never presented with an opportunity to show them off.  Just think what great inventions or masterpieces have been dismissed because a student’s talents where “hidden”. It goes on to explain that as teachers it is our job to reveal these talents. Let students explore and try what they want. One idea I liked is have students in class tell what impresses them about other students. Moments their classmates inspired them with a talent.

The second article “How Passion in Education Can Drive Change” talks about teaching with a passion. It has some testimonies from teachers about their passion in the classroom and why they do it. Majority of teachers get underplayed and underfunded, so why do they do it? Because they have a passion for teaching, which is what I want to have. I want to break through and help students overcome problems. I want to someday in the future have a former student see me and tell me I had an impact on their life. I’ve had professors like that in my life and they are great role models for me as a teacher and a person as to what I want to be like.

I really enjoyed both of these articles and found them fitting for this week to blog about. I hope to keep finding encouraging posts like these that bring some light into the world of education, as we can all agree it is headed in the wrong direction right now.


One thought on “Passion and Inspiration

  1. I enjoyed your blog! It is so sad to think students may make it all the way through high school with never having the chance to show them off their talents. I am so glad you brought that point to our attention. As future teachers we must remember the importance of giving all student as opportunity to to shine.


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