A weekend with a Legend

Well I hate to disappoint but I did not get any flower tooling done this week. I had a very busy week and was waiting till the weekend but something that seemed more fun came up! I got the opportunity to go too Gillette Wyoming to help Bobby Welsh but on a bull riding school.

I was nervous but I’m glad I went and did it, it was great experience and learning curve for me. Obviously Bobby did the main instructing but I helped out every chance I got. We started the school off introducing ourselves, telling our experience level, and listing our goals for the school. It was exciting to see so many young kids, many just starting high school, fired up to get on their first bulls.

From here we discussed riding technique, what to during a hang up, how to get off properly, and did some basic drills on the bucking dummy. I received more than enough of a workout running that might I add. Around noon the first day we finally started loading bucking bulls.

It was quite the experience being around so many bulls. They had brought about 40 or 50 head ranging from bulls that did little more then walk around the arena to bulls that have been in the PBR. They kept me on my toes all weekend trying to move them around and load them. Luckily I always made it up a fence when one decided he didn’t like me! I spent most of my time opening chutes and helping the young riders as much as I could. It was inspiring to me to see this kids so hungry to keep getting on more bulls even after taking a hard hit or fall to the ground.

I even learned some new things just watching and listening, and of course I could only watch so many bulls be bucked before I finally had to get on one. Bobby owns many bulls himself and has one that is very large, weighing around 1650 pounds, which is on the bigger spectrum for bucking bulls. He had hauled him to rodeos all summer and said not very many people could ride him. Not because he bucked so hard but because he was so heavy many guys got jerked around. I started a good ride but ultimately came to the same fate and got jerked down by the gentle giant. Over all the weekend was a great success for everyone and I am very appreciative I got to be a part of it.



3 thoughts on “A weekend with a Legend

  1. That’s really awesome that you had that opportunity to go help teach! Sound like you had a really good time. Definitely worth not being able to do your independent learning project for the week. 🙂


  2. Yes I think that courage sums up how I feel about your passion for bull riding. I am thrilled you were able to encourage youth to explore their dreams and talents. Also, hats off for giving of your time for others!!! It sounds likes a great weekend.


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