My history as a learner

I as a learner have a colorful past.  Let me tell you about some of my fondest learning experiences.


Photo CC: Sally McBurney

A teacher that had a huge impact on my life was Mr. Thovason, my 11th grade history teacher. He had a way of speaking to not only me but the entire class that made us want to learn and challenge ourselves. He is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had and inspired me to become and education major.


Photo CC:Medical News Today

The hardest thing for me as a learner is staying focused and tests. I chose this picture because it helps explain that I can’t stay on task. But I have never been tested to see if I do have ADHD. It sucks because in class my mind jumps around so much I have a hard time remembering lectures and taking notes. Tests kill me because obviously I don’t remember things but also because I get horrible test anxiety and freak out about how good I have to do.

One thing that helped me succeed and overcome this was attending Sylvan learning center. They helped teach me ways of keeping on task and to keep calm during tests. It was a great investment and I am so glad I choose to go there.


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A high point in my education career this far is graduating high school. My dad and grandfather did not so it was a big deal in my family that I accomplished it.  Let alone choose to continue on in college, something else no one had done yet. A choose Chadron State because; well honestly because it sent me the best scholarship offer.  I to this day do not know how I received a 25 on my ACT, guessed luckily that day I suppose. Either way I won’t complain and it got me a nice discount to this school.


Photo CC: Devin Chughes


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Even though I didn’t apply myself strictly in school I still always managed to get by with Cs and Bs. It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college I received my first F in a class. Needless to say not only me but my parents were disappointed and it made me take a step back and think about school. It made me want to come back next semester and try even harder. There have been some hiccups along the way and has taken 5 years but I’m proud to say I will be graduating this semester.


3 thoughts on “My history as a learner

  1. Your journey has been a difficult one and for that I am sorry. Thank you for sharing your struggle. I believe you are not alone and the truth is life is hard. It is also extremely difficult to have it all together in high school. I think most people look back on that time with some regret. I hope you had support when you received an F in college. Many times such experiences tend to haunt us in our lives. In the midst of this type of situation I feel it is important to claim the victory of being a learner even though a grade perhaps made you feel as if you were not a learner. What do you think about this idea?


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