Devoting my time to work

So when I started this blog the first time I immediately wanted to learn how to fly fish. I love fishing and it is a dream of mine to hike the Mountains of Wyoming just fishing for a summer. Long story short my laptop crashed and guess who didn’t save their work. This guy! Now that it is up and running again I re read the assignment and realized we need to constantly be working on this learning process, and it would be hard to learn how to fly fish in the winter so I’m changing my idea.

3 or 4 years ago I got into a hobby of doing beadwork and leatherwork. It started off because simply I wanted a beaded belt but couldn’t afford one, so I taught myself how to do it. As I did it more people started to like my work and present day I make a living off of it and have been for the past 15ish months. But I was always hesitant to flower tool any of my work. It is a very time consuming process that involves specific detailed work. Over Christmas break I spent the money and bought a nice set of flower tools, which I used to carve this piece to wrap around a boot jack for my step dad for a present. This is only the 3rd piece I have ever flower tooled so don’t judge to hard.

sketch tooled Stained Final

The process of flower tooling starts with drawing up the design, which is the part that scares me the most. I struggle with making the flowers and leaves and vines flow so I plan to spend the first week or two working solely on drawing patterns and ideas. The actual process of carving and tooling the leather is more time consuming and requires finesse. But I feel that it will be easier with my new tools. The final step is staining and or painting, which I’m very comfortable with. I’m excited to pursue this and look forward to posting progress pictures!!


4 thoughts on “Devoting my time to work

  1. I would love to be able to do leather work but I don’t think I would have the time or patience to do it. Even though this is your 3rd time flower tooling this art work looks great. With time by the end of the semester you will be better/faster at making designs.


  2. In my high school art class we made our own knives out of a saw blade and a block of wood. We also made our own sheathes for the knives out of letter, complete with tooling. I really enjoyed it! I’ve never done what you’re talking about, but from what I can see it looks really good! Practice makes perfect!


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