Be happy be healthy be you

First of I would like to start off by asking, did anyone else get mind blown by the TED talk? That is a very bright young man with a future ahead of him. Bud Hunt’s blog post was good, but it didn’t get me thinking at first. Maybe it was how he wrote or something else but I did not really like it. The TED talk video on the other hand was great.  I re ride the blog after watching the TED talk video and it was much clearer.

Photo CC: Trevor Bradeen
I think the best idea was spending time in nature. I am an avid outdoorsmen and agree with this 100%. Nothing for me is as rejuvenating and cleansing as getting away from people and shutting off my brain. No thinking worrying or doing, just walk around enjoy the sites catch fish do whatever. We as a society get so focused on technology and going from daily task to task repetitiveness many of us forgot to live and relax. I as well try to get out at least one day a week and be in nature doing anything that sound appealing. It is good for the mind and as the video said helps keep you happy and healthy. A good idea from Bud Hunt’s blog was we learn from making. I am a very hands on learner and believe this idea to be true. I love trying to build or repair things that are out of my element and assure you I have broadened my knowledge because of it. It keeps me sharp and I like the challenge of trying to accomplish something new.

The thing I will take away the most from this for my teaching is letting my students be creative and not limit their options. If a student would rather act out Abraham Lincolns assassination then write a paper about it by all means go for it! I think we would have so many more successful people in the world if we let the youth explore and learn on their own with only guidance from us. I want to know more about these nontraditional schools, as a future parent I would consider sending my child/children to one. I have actually thought about homeschool before too. Hopefully when I have kids they have become more popular and one will be in my area!


2 thoughts on “Be happy be healthy be you

  1. I have home-schooled and it was wonderful!!! It is difficult to face all of the stereotypes and judgments. However if you are confident about it people will begin to leave you alone about it. It is a wonderful way to give your children specialized attention and experiences tradition school simply does not afford.


  2. I wish school incorporated more hands-on learning because I think most of us learn more effectively that way. I was struck by how few of the 8 things Logan LaPlante talks about as being essential for health and happiness get focused on at all in school. Being in nature, exercise, relaxation….


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