Devoting my time to work

So when I started this blog the first time I immediately wanted to learn how to fly fish. I love fishing and it is a dream of mine to hike the Mountains of Wyoming just fishing for a summer. Long story short my laptop crashed and guess who didn’t save their work. This guy! Now that it is up and running again I re read the assignment and realized we need to constantly be working on this learning process, and it would be hard to learn how to fly fish in the winter so I’m changing my idea.

3 or 4 years ago I got into a hobby of doing beadwork and leatherwork. It started off because simply I wanted a beaded belt but couldn’t afford one, so I taught myself how to do it. As I did it more people started to like my work and present day I make a living off of it and have been for the past 15ish months. But I was always hesitant to flower tool any of my work. It is a very time consuming process that involves specific detailed work. Over Christmas break I spent the money and bought a nice set of flower tools, which I used to carve this piece to wrap around a boot jack for my step dad for a present. This is only the 3rd piece I have ever flower tooled so don’t judge to hard.

sketch tooled Stained Final

The process of flower tooling starts with drawing up the design, which is the part that scares me the most. I struggle with making the flowers and leaves and vines flow so I plan to spend the first week or two working solely on drawing patterns and ideas. The actual process of carving and tooling the leather is more time consuming and requires finesse. But I feel that it will be easier with my new tools. The final step is staining and or painting, which I’m very comfortable with. I’m excited to pursue this and look forward to posting progress pictures!!


Be happy be healthy be you

First of I would like to start off by asking, did anyone else get mind blown by the TED talk? That is a very bright young man with a future ahead of him. Bud Hunt’s blog post was good, but it didn’t get me thinking at first. Maybe it was how he wrote or something else but I did not really like it. The TED talk video on the other hand was great.  I re ride the blog after watching the TED talk video and it was much clearer.

Photo CC: Trevor Bradeen
I think the best idea was spending time in nature. I am an avid outdoorsmen and agree with this 100%. Nothing for me is as rejuvenating and cleansing as getting away from people and shutting off my brain. No thinking worrying or doing, just walk around enjoy the sites catch fish do whatever. We as a society get so focused on technology and going from daily task to task repetitiveness many of us forgot to live and relax. I as well try to get out at least one day a week and be in nature doing anything that sound appealing. It is good for the mind and as the video said helps keep you happy and healthy. A good idea from Bud Hunt’s blog was we learn from making. I am a very hands on learner and believe this idea to be true. I love trying to build or repair things that are out of my element and assure you I have broadened my knowledge because of it. It keeps me sharp and I like the challenge of trying to accomplish something new.

The thing I will take away the most from this for my teaching is letting my students be creative and not limit their options. If a student would rather act out Abraham Lincolns assassination then write a paper about it by all means go for it! I think we would have so many more successful people in the world if we let the youth explore and learn on their own with only guidance from us. I want to know more about these nontraditional schools, as a future parent I would consider sending my child/children to one. I have actually thought about homeschool before too. Hopefully when I have kids they have become more popular and one will be in my area!

My history as a learner

I as a learner have a colorful past.  Let me tell you about some of my fondest learning experiences.


Photo CC: Sally McBurney

A teacher that had a huge impact on my life was Mr. Thovason, my 11th grade history teacher. He had a way of speaking to not only me but the entire class that made us want to learn and challenge ourselves. He is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had and inspired me to become and education major.


Photo CC:Medical News Today

The hardest thing for me as a learner is staying focused and tests. I chose this picture because it helps explain that I can’t stay on task. But I have never been tested to see if I do have ADHD. It sucks because in class my mind jumps around so much I have a hard time remembering lectures and taking notes. Tests kill me because obviously I don’t remember things but also because I get horrible test anxiety and freak out about how good I have to do.

One thing that helped me succeed and overcome this was attending Sylvan learning center. They helped teach me ways of keeping on task and to keep calm during tests. It was a great investment and I am so glad I choose to go there.


Photo CC:

A high point in my education career this far is graduating high school. My dad and grandfather did not so it was a big deal in my family that I accomplished it.  Let alone choose to continue on in college, something else no one had done yet. A choose Chadron State because; well honestly because it sent me the best scholarship offer.  I to this day do not know how I received a 25 on my ACT, guessed luckily that day I suppose. Either way I won’t complain and it got me a nice discount to this school.


Photo CC: Devin Chughes


Photo CC:

Even though I didn’t apply myself strictly in school I still always managed to get by with Cs and Bs. It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college I received my first F in a class. Needless to say not only me but my parents were disappointed and it made me take a step back and think about school. It made me want to come back next semester and try even harder. There have been some hiccups along the way and has taken 5 years but I’m proud to say I will be graduating this semester.

What is Digital Literacy to me?

Digital literacy is defined on Infuse Digital Literacy Curriculum as “the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate, and create information using a range of digital technologies.”  Digital literacy is just a person’s ability to communicate ideas and thoughts through technology.

In today’s day and age it is more important than ever to be digitally literate. The 21st century students need to be handy and capable with technology, or “digitally fluent”. Students need to know how to effectively run not only computers but a whole slew of tech pieces like smart phones and tablets. One of the downfalls that I have is that I haven’t had much experience with technology. I have never had a blog or used technology very much, but I do have a Twitter and Facebook. Those social media websites have given me a small grasp on the ways of the internet, but my overall knowledge of digital literacy is minimal.

One of the things that I want to learn is how to navigate around the blog site more. This was one thing that presented itself as a roadblock to me as I was trying to get started. I also just want to become better at using the internet to engage in communication.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. My strategy this semester is to practice digital literacy so that I can become more fluent. I think that having a blog will help me because it will force me to put my thoughts down, and I will learn about digital literacy in the process. In order to become effective digital learners and leaders we have to practice effective digital communication.

One thing that I hope to gain from this course is a much higher rate of digital literacy. I am excited to see how I can grow and what I can learn.